porro at ferrious interior design altrincham


We have worked with Porro since 2005 and they have become the foundation of our interiors. Their attention to detail, balanced, considered design and incredible production facilities have made them the most well respected and admired of all the Italian design companies.

The basis of their collection is storage, from the bedroom to the lounge and dining room, and we work closely with them and our customers to create furniture that is bespoke. Two solutions are never the same, whether in design, material, composition or execution. As well as this, Porro have worked with many of the greatest designers in the world to produce stunning tables, chairs, beds and accessories.

Porro is a family company in the true sense, founded in 1925 by two brothers, Giulio and Stefano Porro in Brianza, the birthplace of quality Italian furniture. The company was then passed onto their cousins Carlo, Arturo and Silvio in the 50’s. With the third generation Lorenzo, Fabio, Giovanni and Danilo Porro joining the company in the mid-eighties.
In 1989 Piero Lissoni became the art director of the company and he has gone on to design some of the most successful pieces for the company, many of which are still in production today. Now the business has welcomed Maria Porro, the fourth generation who is head of marketing and communication.

Porro enables Ferrious to create interiors for our clients that are exceptional. The versatility and skill of their company gives Ferrious the ability to design, produce and install interiors that are grounded in artisan traditions with the precision of twenty first technology.