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In 1939 Gino Sarfatti started the lighting company Arteluce in order to produce designs by himself and Vittoriano Vigano. Originals of these designs are to this day highly sought after. In 1978 his son Riccardo together with his wife Sandra Severi and architect Paolo Rizzatto created the lighting company Luceplan, a company that is still a powerful force in design. Flos bought the rights to produce the most famous of Gino Sarfatti designs such as the 2097 chandelier, and in 2012 as part of a retrospective of Safatti’s work, they reintroduced 5 of his most influential lighting designs. After this in 2017 Alessandro Sarfatti, the grandson of Gino Sarfatti and son of Riccardo Sarfatti created Astep, and a third generation lighting company began its life.

Astep produces lighting from the family history archive and also from great designers of the future.